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Today I am beginningĀ a new series called, Katrina’s Kitchen. I am absolutely NOT a chef, but I really enjoy cooking. Recently, I was at lunch with a friend discussing dinner ideas and what I like to cook. I had never thought about it before, but sometimes it can be very difficult and time consuming to […]

I have a terrible fear of heights…more of a phobia because it is more than just fear or dislike. I’ve never shared thisĀ because this isn’t something that I am proud of. If I am being completely honest, I’m embarrassed about it. When I got to college I decided that I didn’t want to live in […]

We finally found some time to pick out a tree! This has been one of our busiest years, but we made time for one of our favorite traditions. Christmas is our favorite holiday and it wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree! One of Peter’s favorite traditions growing up was going to the Christmas Tree […]