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We’re Engaged!!

About two months ago, my best friend, Melissa, invited Peter and I to go on a trip to Chicago (one of our favorite cities) with her for New Years Eve. Peter instantly said yes, but I had my reservations knowing that it would be freezing cold. To be honest, I was scared I would turn into an icicle and never make it back to California. Little did I know saying yes to this trip would be one of the best things I’ve ever said yes to.

On the morning of New Years Eve, Melissa and her sister, Marleen, invited me to get my nails done and that made perfect sense to me since we were getting dressed up that evening for a huge party. Right?! I had no idea what they had planned… We spent the afternoon exploring Michigan Avenue and then ended up at Cindy’s rooftop for lunch.


chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0019The view from Cindy’s Rooftop is absolutely breathtaking so of course we cannot leave before taking a few pictures. I handed Melissa my camera with a plan to take turns taking a few photos of one another.

chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0015We love to take photos that are more “in the moment” so of course we looked at each other for a few. In this moment, Peter tried to get me to do a popular pose for photographers, forehead to forehead, I laughed and declined and tried to look back towards the camera, but he kept repeating, “Babe, Babe…” I clearly wasn’t catching on that he was trying to get my attention so that he could begin his speech…chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0023This next photo is my absolute favorite. Yes, I know that it is not in focus, but this is how I saw this moment from my own eyes. Blurry, from tears and a whirlwind of emotions.

chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0016I always anticipated that I would figure out exactly when this moment would happen, but I had no clue. Peter played it so cool and natural that I didn’t expect a thing. I have never been so surprised in my life!

When I would think about this moment before, I thought I would be able to formulate a response expressing how I felt about him and our future, but nope! All I could do is nod yes, as fast as I could and was left completely speechless.chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0017

I still can’t believe that this beauty, designed by Heidi Gibson, is on my finger!


chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0021This girl right here is my coffee soul sista, style guru, favorite Barnes and Noble date, and the greatest thing that happened to me in Kindergarten. Melissa, I don’t know how I would have survived the last 20+ years without you. Thank you for being the most amazing friend a girl could dream of.chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0020Huge shout out and THANK YOU to the group right here!! They were all in on this extravagant plan and each person played a vital role to pulling off this surprise! Jared, Mayra, Melissa, Marleen, and Dan… Thank you so much for all of your help, love, and support that it took to make this moment happen!!! We are beyond grateful for your friendship and cannot thank you enough.chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0022

Chicago was the perfect place to get engaged to the man of my dreams…

Peter, thank you for planning the perfect surprise proposal. I cannot wait to marry you! chicago_engagement_session_katrina_jayne_photo_0018


  1. Daniela

    January 20th, 2017 at 1:57 am

    Loved this blog!!! I LOVE THE BLURRY PHOTO! It really is a blur in the moment. Congrats again!

  2. katrinajayne

    January 20th, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    Thank you, love!! Your support means everything to me! xo

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