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We know from our own wedding experience that your wedding day will pass by in a blur. We will be hands-on when needed and fade into the background when possible, creating the best experience for you. We pride ourselves on being able to capture your wedding day in its entirety while also leaving space for you to enjoy every aspect of your celebration.

Their journey began when Katrina was photographing Peter's brother's wedding, where he was the charismatic best man. In the midst of documenting candid moments and heartfelt exchanges, something clicked and not just in the camera. Unbeknownst to them, their own love story was unfolding alongside the one Katrina was capturing.

Ever present father, gallant, history lover, and annoyingly patient. He loves sharing stories over a drink and asking locals about their favorite places to travel. He encourages everyone he meets to add Munich’s Oktoberfest to their bucket list.

Having graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, my passion for history has translated directly into my role as a wedding photographer as I am able to record the essence of the occasion through my lens. Being cool, calm, and collected provides me with the necessary tools to ensure that grooms feel confident and at ease. Since 2014, Katrina and I have been photographing together in a complementary way to preserve our clients’ living history.

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Ice cream connoisseur, travel enthusiast, and every stray dog’s safe haven. She believes kindness trumps everything and that she was destined to be a mom. She is fueled by her love of people and cultivating honest connections.

As a child, I was fascinated with my Nana’s wooden chest which was overflowing with photographs from our family’s legacy, but it wasn’t until losing my mom that I learned the true power of a portrait. After graduating from Brooks Institute with my BFA, I worked in commercial and advertising photography but quickly learned once a product was sold that these photos were discarded unlike the family photos I grew up rummaging through– those are treasured for generations. As a classically trained professional photographer with a deep appreciation for life’s most invaluable moments, I developed a passion for wedding photography and began Katrina Jayne Photography in the fall of 2013.

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As a couple, our hearts beat in rhythm with the excitement of travel and adventure. With a passion for uncovering history, we eagerly explore new horizons and diverse cultures. Our love for traveling and capturing life’s more cherished moments has taken us all over the world for weddings and personal adventures.



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Whether we're indulging in a local eatery, driving through In-N-Out after a wedding, or enjoying a culinary experience abroad, our belief remains steadfast: meals are meant for sharing. The fusion of flavors is matched only by our appetite for meaningful connections with dear family and friends.



Spending time with our son and watching him explore the world with boundless curiosity brings us immense joy. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure with our dogs, traveling the world, or simply relaxing at home, this quality family time is what we value most.

quality time


In my family, there's an ongoing joke about our uncanny ability to attract stray or lost dogs, especially during holidays. Regardless of the occasion, we’ve earned a reputation as the family members who will always pull over to lend a hand (or a leash) to a dog in need. It's become a heartwarming tradition that showcases our shared compassion for these four-legged friends.

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Our walls and drawers are overflowing with stories of our beloved family. Looking through our families’ photos is akin to embarking on an expedition to our past. These images transport us back to moments we wish we could relive time and time again.

Heirloom Photographs


Our Favorite Things

Over 250 weddings

10 years together

8 countries visited

5 years of marriage

2 perfect dogs

1 incredible son

Too many adventures to count

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A wedding day means so much, bringing together all of your loved ones to celebrate the start of your future together. This is one of two reasons why Katrina Jayne Photography is represented by a daffodil, the flower that symbolizes new beginnings. The other: the daffodil is the flower of Wales. After my mom passed, I was raised by my Welsh grandparents, and grew up spending hours combing through my grandparents' wooden chest of loose family photos. The images of my family- especially my mom- are my most cherished possession and the reason why I chose to pursue a career in photography. I learned from a young age that each moment was built to be cherished, and that photography offers us the rare opportunity to relive those most precious moments. As I embark on preserving your memories, I'm filled with gratitude. It is an honor to capture your precious moments, and provide you with treasured photographs to fill your own wooden chest.

I've always loved beginnings – the excitement of opening a new door and being able to imagine the future it holds.

We capture the true-to-life moments of your day in true-to-life colors.