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In 2009 I picked up my first camera and began to photograph anything and everything. Truth be told, I had no idea what I was doing so I, impulsively, applied to photography school. On my first day we went around the room and told the class a little about ourselves. Someone said they were born with a camera in their hand, others had been shooting since they were children, and a few since high school. They all had one thing in common... they always knew they wanted to be a photographer one day. I on the other hand, did not. It was in that moment that I knew I didn't fit in. My heart whispered to me that I could do this, but a little voice inside my head was screaming at me to run for life.  
I know what feels like to have a dream, but feel like you are completely out of your league. I was lucky enough to find a mentor that had an open book policy and that's exactly what I am offering you. In my opinion, I believe that we will all grow by sharing our knowledge with one another. I quickly grew my business by making mistakes and learning from them, and I want to share what I have learned with you so that you will have a clear path to success.
During your mentoring session we will focus on two to three topics that you need the most help with and then other areas if there is time. For example, how to present yourself as a professional in order to attract paid clients, pricing, branding, marketing, client interaction and direction, manipulating natural light, and editing techniques. If there is something you want to
learn outside of these topics we can discuss those as well. I am an open book and
will help you in any way that I can. My goal is for you to leave your session with the 
tools & information you need to build a successful business. 

each mentoring 
session is designed 
specifically to your

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