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Lauren & Brett are based in Texas, but chose to have their engagement session in Laguna Beach, California- a city that is dear to their hearts. I’m so excited for their wedding later this fall!

When I first launched my wedding photography business I had no money (& a ton of debt), was working full time, only had a couple lenses, and no backup gear. I worked through the early hours of the morning and sacrificed time with my family and missed some important personal events that I’ll never get […]

bride and bridesmaids at ritz carlton

Working from home is something that I’ve heard many of my friends wish they could do and now they’re doing it because of the pandemic. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been told people struggling with acclimating to this new normal, staying productive, and feeling good about themselves. When I first started working from […]

Driving down to San Juan Capistrano, I thought for sure we chose the wrong day for Kimberlee and Curtis’ engagement session because it was extremely overcast and looked like it was going to pour down with rain. Luckily, right before their session, the clouds parted and the sun came out in all it’s beauty. Please […]

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve never been a morning person. I’ve tried over and over… I’ve even read the book The Miracle Morning and watched the author’s Youtube videos. If you know me REALLY well you would think a crazy person had taken over my body when I recommended to Ariana and Lucas that […]