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How To Successfully Work From Home

Working from home is something that I’ve heard many of my friends wish they could do and now they’re doing it because of the pandemic.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been told people struggling with acclimating to this new normal, staying productive, and feeling good about themselves.

When I first started working from home 5 years ago, I didn’t have any structure and would literally spend 10 hours at my desk working non-stop. I would forgot to eat lunch some days, wouldn’t drink enough water, and let’s be real… I rarely changed out of my yoga pants. I was beginning to become less productive, not feel like myself, and really started losing my hustle.

It wasn’t until I set intentional boundaries that I started loving working from home. Since everyone is adjusting to this new normal I wanted to share with you a few easy (& might seem silly or obvious) tips that will help you through this time.

working from home with dogs
  1. The first hour : About a year into working from home I came across a youtube video from Hal Elrod, the author of “The Miracle Morning.” Prior to watching this video I never even thought about a morning routine. I would wake up and walk straight to my desk which did not encourage me to be my most productive self. Now, every morning I take the first hour to myself. You can use this time for whatever you want- journaling, running, reading, taking a bath- whatever makes you happy! Taking the first hour to myself helps me wake up and preps me to take on the day.
  2. Changing up your workstation and never working from bed: I know this might seem crazy, but I move my workstation depending on how I’m feeling and what I’m working on. My office is in our common area. My dogs like to be in the common area during the day and I have the luxury of working from home so why would I want to be stuck in a room all day? I always begin my day working from our comfy oversized chair next to the window on my laptop then once I’ve completed a couple tasks I move to my desk to work on a few more and then it’s usually time for lunch. If the weather outside is nice I will work outside or stand in the kitchen on my laptop. Changing up my workstation throughout the day or week helps to keep my mind fresh and focused.
  3. Take breaks & drink water: It’s amazing how hard I have to try to drink water when I’m sitting 6 feet from the fridge… No, really. How is it easier to drink a bottle of wine than one glass of water? It wasn’t until I intentionally started my morning with my coffee and the largest glass I own filled with water that I actually drank a decent amount. Changing up my workstation also helps with this because it forces me into my kitchen. It is so easy to get comfortable, dive into work, and try to knock out your entire to-do list before lunch, but in doing this you aren’t moving your body or replenishing it with water so after a while you will literally start to feel like crap and don’t even get me started on back pain.
  4. Get dressed: Yes, I know it’s lovely to lounge around the house in sweatpants and your favorite sweatshirt, but after a few weeks it doesn’t feel as great. Not getting dressed will ultimately turn into you not taking care of yourself. Remember the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” This holds true when working from home as well. I’ve found myself to be more professional, more productive, and a better business owner when I get ready for the day. This isn’t to say you have to get fully ready every single day, but if you can a few times a week I guarantee you will continue to feel good about yourself.
  5. Lastly, lean on others: Working from home can get lonely. There are only so many conversations you can have with your dogs so reach out to family, friends, or strike up a conversation on Instagram with a stranger. Right now, most people are working from home and feeling the same way you are.

Good luck! I hope that you’re able to take something from this post and it will help you navigate this new normal.

Xx, Katrina

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