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Santa Barbara Engagement Session | Andrew and Myka

Going to college in downtown Santa Barbara influenced my love discovering California. My friends and I took trips to San Francisco, Tahoe, Death Valley, and beyond. Along the way, I stumbled across Knapp’s Castle. These ruins were originally a mansion built in 1940, but shortly after, the mansion burned down from a forest fire. When Myka and Andrew selected this location for their engagement session I was excited for the adventure. I had visited Knapp’s Castle more than a few times, but I had never photographed a session there before. Myka and Andrew selected Santa Barbara for their engagement session because they met and began their relationship at University of California Santa Barbara.

knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0008knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0001knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0002Their proposal story from Andrew’s perspective: “I proposed to Myka in Yosemite. It was all a surprise of course, and our trip up to Yosemite was disguised as a camping trip with friends (it was my first time to Yosemite too). I’m not too great at telling stories, but suffice it to say my heart was exploding the whole trip and it was a really special weekend.”knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0003knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0007knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0004knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0005knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0006knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0011knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0012Isn’t Myka’s dress stunning?!? It can be found on Rent The Runwayknapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0010knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0009knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0013
After Knapps Castle we headed toward downtown to the always gorgeous, Santa Barbara Courthouse for its beautiful architecture…knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0014knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0015knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0017knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0024After exploring the courthouse for a bit we ended our session at the Santa Barbara Pier.  Where we watched the sunset and ate ice cream on a California “Winter” night. knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0016knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0018knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0023knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0019knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0020knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0021knapps_castle_santa_barbara_engagement_photos_0022

  1. Jeremy Chou says:

    what an amazing location! Beautiful couple and photography!

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