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Why I Am A Wedding Photographer

Someone asked me recently, “Why? Why are you a wedding photographer?” Honestly, my initial answer barely even grazed the surface. I explained that I love taking photos because its fun, challenging, allows me to have freedom to be creative, and I have always wanted to be a small business owner, but it got me thinking. I know that I ended up in this line of work for a purpose and a bigger reason than what came out of my mouth without thinking.

Personally, I cherish photographs with all of my being. Growing up, I lost my mother at 15. The photographs of her were what I had left to hold on to. I know that it isn’t the same for everyone, but it seems to be very common to turn to the photographs that you have for comfort and happiness. There is nothing else I love more than to go through my Nana’s old photographs. It is like opening up a visual history book of where I came from and what has helped shape me into becoming who I am today. I want to remember the laughs, the smiles, and the experiences that life brings so I use photographs to help me do that. Even though I am a photographer and I absolutely adore artistic photographs… my home does not look like an art gallery. When you walk through my home you will see photos of my family, friends, dog, and loved ones. The feeling of joy and happiness that I get when I walk through my door and see these photos is the feeling that I want to give to other families.

I am a wedding photographer because I love to tell stories through photos that bring to life the feelings and experience that families have on their wedding day. I create images for a bride and groom, their families, friends, but most importantly create photos that will be  heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.

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